Run Run Run

Seems like the whole darn world's gone crazy.
Nothing seems to matter anymore.
Use to think that life should be
the way I watched it on TV.
but I guess the past is gone and shut the door.

Feels like the twilight zone's around me.
People say I'm wrong when I feel right.
When getting by meant gettin high
not like in yesterday.
When flying high was riding in a plane.

But I guess I'll take this life 
and run run run.
I've got my yesterdays
so tomorrow here I come.
In a hundred years it won't matter to anyone.
Guess I'll take this life and run.

When we first met we were so happy.
Holding hands makin love all day.
Drinking wine by candlelight.
Everything we did was right
then as time when by
we watched that go away.

I've got my yesterdays and if tomorrow 
only makes older and around.
Just as long as I can see 
traces of what use to be
that's all it takes to keep me
hanging round.

I think I'll take this love and run run run.
We've got our yesterdays
tomorrow here we come.
In a hundred years it won't matter to anyone.
Gonna take this love and run.
Gonna take this life and run.